Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ever say "I'll never do that again!"?

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

I'll never ...ever... open a strong hive at 7 am in mid August without so much as a smoker. I had to run for the house. The one that hurts the most is on top of my head, but the chin selled up some and is red and round. It's Mrs Clause's chin now. Oh they got me good. Poor bees.

So, I virtually ignored the poor things all summer. It being particulary wet in this neck of the to speak, and also I have been busy with work and other pressing responsibilities. So the bees have been on their own. They probably thought they'd never see me again. Well they did see me once or twice in July when I peeked at them from a distance and in June I actually lifted the lid.

But I have yet to pull a frame out since May. Ken Warchol, Worcester County's Bee Inspector recommends checking hives once per week. - He mentioned this at the bee meeting, I was finally able to attend (I had to rearrange my schedule, but I did it.)

So why did I pull this stupid stunt? I had intended to get a honey super on the hive last weekend. But I couldn't manage it. I should have had them on from near the beginning. At the meeting yesterday I heard a new message. Use already drawn out comb--because the bees don't like to draw comb late in the season. Another oops. At least I am using pure beeswax foundation.

Anyway, I finally got over to Lagrant's in Ware, yesterday morning. I purchased already assembled supers and frames, because time is at a premium right now. Next year will be different-- I think.

After, that, I did my usual Saturday morning errands, and then ran (drove), to the meeting, only 15 minutes chair (lots really, but all occupied)...sat on the grass...lots of people(note to self: don't be late for meetings). The meeting was a very good demonstration by Ken Warchol on how to close up the hive for winter. I had to sit near back for hive demo, because I didn't think to bring a hat- so I found a shady spot and peered between peoples legs to see what was going on. One lady had obviously thought ahead and brought her own lawn chair and a hat...good thinking.

This is turning out to be a long story..., I'll shorten it up...This morning, Sunday, I went out to put the super on the strong hive. Woefully unprepared. I paid the price. I went inside, shook the bees out of my hair and put my bee gear on. Then I went back and finished the job.

I'm going to take a picture now.

Bees will be bees...

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