Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Year 2 begins

Well, I've been a not so great bee keeper so far. I hope my bees survived my inattention. I hope to do better this year. I will again attend Bee School offered by Worcester County Beekeepers.

If the bees have made it, this year will begin a new era for them. Well maybe it will take a few years to fully be expressed, because I think it takes 2-3 years for fruit trees to become productive. Do they still flower in the first year anyway? Well I bought them some new trees. Yes indeedee! Cherry trees and Apricots and Peaches. And Blueberries...8 bushes... and more more more blackberries and red rasberries and black rasberries. And I have to add strawberries to the order too...Not too late, they won't ship til end of March. If you like fruit - check out Stark Brothers

Interesting side note -well maybe it's not that interesting but- I've been reading Francis Abel Wheeler's seem's like all he ever planted on that hill was strawberries! He plowed and planted and picked strawberries. That's all that was in the one year diary except a story that involved several children and a snatched hat. This goes back away's...late 1880's? I think that was it.

Back to bee's. I found a recipe in the winter newsletter for Bee Candy, that's not candy by bees, it's candy for bees. It helps them survive the winter. I will try to make some this weekend. I hope its not too late.

That's all for now.